SPAIN: ‘ Anti-Demonstration Law Enters into Law Amid Massive Protests ‘

Por um mundo livre de amarras imperialistas.

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – SPAIN:July.09: Spain’s controversial anti-demonstration law entered into force in spite of massive protests among citizens and politicians. According to the new legislation, authorities are allowed to fine people with up to 600,000 euros for participating in or organizing protests, DWN wrote.

 The new controversial anti-protest law allows the police to financially punish citizens without any judicial decision. The law caused massive protests across the country as it basically prohibits Spanish citizens from exercising their fundamental rights, such as the freedom of expression and assembly.

Not only participation, but also promotion of any demonstration in Twitter or Facebook can be punished as well.The restrictions include demonstrations near the government building, which can carry fines of up to 600,000 euros. Taking pictures of police officers is now forbidden as well. The police are able to punish citizens with fines of up to 600 euros right on the spot if they feel “disrespected”. According to the newspaper, they…

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